The Ultimate Guide To Corner Clamps For Woodworking

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Ever tried to build a frame for your woodworking projects without a corner clamp?  Corner clamps for woodworking are about as much a necessity as a table saw. With out some kind of corner jig it is basically impossible to get perfect 90 degree joints when building frames.  If you are like me you have tried building 90 degree jigs to clam to but found that they are cumbersome and time consuming to work with.   When I finally spent the money on a good set of corner clamps for woodworking, I learned how hard mu jigs had made me work and how much inaccurate my corner joints had been.

When used properly corner clamps for woodworking unquestionably simplify and expedite your work!  Whether you are and experienced woodworking professional, a hobbyist, or if you see yourself as something in between you owe it to yourself to purchase a set of woodworking corner clamps.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of corner clamps and how to use them.

What are Corner Clamps for Woodworking?

A corner clamp for woodworking is a tool used by woodworking craftsmen to hold pieces of wood together at a square while you make a glue joint. They have a V-shaped metal frame with a bent arm that can be pushed against the edge of the two pieces to be clamped and then tightened.  The two work pieces are then held perfectly flush at a 90-degree angle until the glue is completely set.  The end result is a perfect 90 degree joint with a barely visible joint line.

How to Use a Woodworking Corner Clamp

When working with wood, it is important to take care while clamping and cutting to avoid damaging the surface. Corner clamps are a great way to keep your work clean and accurate. When using a corner clamp, you will need to ensure that the jaws of the clamp are lined up perfectly with the corners of your workpiece. Once in place, use the pressure of the clamp to hold it in place.

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5 Best Corner Clamps for Woodworking Reviewed

Housolution Single Handle Right Angle Corner Clamp for Woodworking

It is no mistake that we have listed this woodworking corner clamp first.  The Housolution right angle clip clamp tool is our favorite corner clamp.  For most general-purpose corner clamping jobs this one will be the first go to in our shop!

As an additional bonus these corner clamps have a convenient hole for hanging storage and organization.  Their lightweight durability design makes them perfect portability if your woodworking requires travel.
Housolution corner clamp for woodworking

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Can be adjusted for different thickness of wood
  • Screwdriver like rubber grip is quick and efficient
  • Aluminum alloy that is light yet boasts strength
  • Not Good for welding or metal work
  • Not recommended for brazing or heat


Wetols WE705 Angle Corner Clamp for woodworking

This Wetols Corner Clamp was designed with the woodworking in mind.  Wetols carefully considered the art of framing when they designed this clamp.  To be honest this clamp was hard to place in second in this line up.  With jaws that open close to 3 inches you may find that it is your first pick if you are doing wide picture frames. With the Wetols WE705 you will find a comfortable ergonomic rubber handle that easily maintains a firm grip.

By all appearances you may think that this Wetols angle clamp is just like others on the market.  However, after the first use you will agree with us that this clamp is agile yet strong and makes framing a breeze.Wetols WE705 corner clamp for woodworking

  • Top- quality construction and durability
  • Easy to use ergonomic rubber handle
  • Light weight balanced design
  • Clamps up to 2 ¾ inches
  • Not recommended for metal work or welding

Sedy 97390 Band Corner Clamp for Woodworking

This corner clamp for woodworking is a slightly different type clamp.  It uses a band that encompasses the entire perimeter in order to hold the four corner tightly together.  Again this little guy is a “must have” for the woodworking shop.  Where this thing shines is when assembling or cluing irregular shaped objects.  While it can be used to assemble picture frames, you will find that holding all four corners while clamping this down can be challenging.   We like to use this little belt type woodworking corner clamp in addition to the traditional vise type corner clamp, when we are assembling larger cabinets or boxes etc.Sedy 97390 corner clam for woodworking

  • Holds all four corner simultaneously
  • Once clamping is in place it is very secure
  • Anti Skid soft grip handle
  • Ideal for clamping odd non typical shapes
  • Can feal a little clumsy when working with large frames

Kreg KHCCC 90° Corner Clamp for Woodworking

Most corner clamps for woodworking follow the concept of a traditional vice.  However, Kreg pioneered this vise grip type design.  Some woodworkers actuely prefer this style of corner clamp simply because it is designed for one-handed clamping.

When it comes to storage space consumption the Greg KHCCC clamp has most other woodworking corner clamps beat!  The are built out of high-grade aluminum alloy and are capable of claming both 90 degree corners as well as T joints.  Kreg even has carved out clearance allowing you to nail or screw without the clamp jaws having to be removed!

On top of all the great features of these clamps we must note that Kreg always produces quality in their every tool!  You can never go wrong when buying a name such as Kreg.Kreg KHCCC Corner Clamp for Woodworking

  • Single hand operation
  • Pocket hole allows nailing or screwing
  • Works for 90 deg. Or T rail joints
  • Jaws only open to approximately 1 inch
  • They are not strong enough for metalworking


Yanzi Spring Loaded Corner Clamps for Woodworking

These Yanzi Spring loaded corner clamps are perfect for the woodworker who is only working with small very light frames.  These little clamps may not be strong enough for your larger projects.  However if you are working with small and light you will love these little girls.  Padded with rubber you will have confidence that you will not scare your wood or leave any clamping tracks!  Additionally the outside corner of your work piece is left exposed allowing you to easily nail the corners.Yanzi Corner Clamps for Woodworking

  • One handed operation
  • Outside corners open for nailing
  • Rubber padded to protect wood
  • Simple to use
  • Not strong enough for larger projects
  • Spring tension may not hold if the project
    is moved before the glue is set

Royars Aluminum ‎N3-90DPS Corner Clamps for Woodworking Positioning Squares

If your woodworking project calls for corner clamps with maximum versatility, then these clamps are for you!  Sometimes you are working on a project that has obstacles or unique nuances that prohibit the use of traditional vise type corner clamps.  These Royars corner clamps offer a wide latitude of diversity that we woodworkers sometimes must have.  With 6-7 positioning options along the approximately 5 1/2-inch rail you are sure to find the optimal location for your clamp.

These inexpensive clamps will serve you will.Royars Corner Clamps for Woodworking

  • Versatility, Versatility, Versatility
  • Allows clearance for nailing
  • Wide usage application
  • Royars 24 hour customer service hotline.
  • Can be a little clumsy or cumbersome to use
  • May not be as strong as vise type clamps

Tips for Using Corner Clamps for Woodworking

There are a few things to keep in mind when using corner clamps:

  1. Make sure the clamping surfaces are flat and level. This will ensure that the clamp is applying pressure evenly across the joint, preventing distortion or warping.
  2. Choose the right size clamp for the job. Too small a clamp will not be strong enough, and too large a clamp may cause damage to the wood or object being clamped.
  3. Use caution when moving an object that’s being held by a corner clamp; use a solid surface with enough mass or another sturdy support if necessary. A careless move could result in damage to the clamp or object being held

Corner Clamp Quality

If you have ever had a tool fail, during the process of completing a project you will sympathize with the necessity of quality.  Of course, most tools fail because they are being used slightly beyond the scope of there intended application.  But we woodworkers would never do that, right?

The reality of woodworking is that there is no one-size-fits all application for any process.  This is especially true of the clamping and gluing process.  Therefore,  it is advised that you keep a range of clamp styles available for your project array.

A corner clamp for woodworking is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. With a little bit of patience, practice, and a quality corner clamp you can become an expert at using corner clamps for woodworking.