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The Ultimate Guide To Corner Clamps For Woodworking

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Ever tried to build a frame for your woodworking projects without a corner clamp?  Corner clamps for woodworking are about as much a necessity as a table saw. With out some kind of corner jig it is basically impossible to get perfect 90 degree joints when building frames.  If you are like me you have tried building 90 degree jigs to clam to but found that they are cumbersome and time consuming to work with.   When I finally spent the money on a good set of corner clamps for woodworking, I learned how hard mu jigs had made me work and how much inaccurate my corner joints had been.

When used properly corner clamps for woodworking unquestionably simplify and expedite your work!  Whether you are and experienced woodworking professional, a hobbyist, or if you see yourself as something in between you owe it to yourself to purchase a set of woodworking corner clamps.

In this article, we will discuss the different types of corner clamps and how to use them.

What are Corner Clamps for Woodworking?

A corner clamp for woodworking is a tool used by woodworking craftsmen to hold pieces of wood together at a square while you make a glue joint. They have a V-shaped metal frame with a bent arm that can be pushed against the edge of the two pieces to be clamped and then tightened.  The two work pieces are then held perfectly flush at a 90-degree angle until the glue is completely set.  The end result is a perfect 90 degree joint with a barely visible joint line.

How to Use a Woodworking Corner Clamp

When working with wood, it is important to take care while clamping and cutting to avoid damaging the surface. Corner clamps are a great way to keep your work clean and accurate. When using a corner clamp, you will need to ensure that the jaws of the clamp are lined up perfectly with the corners of your workpiece. Once in place, use the pressure of the clamp to hold it in place.

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5 Best Corner Clamps for Woodworking Reviewed

Housolution Single Handle Right Angle Corner Clamp for Woodworking

It is no mistake that we have listed this woodworking corner clamp first.  The Housolution right angle clip clamp tool is our favorite corner clamp.  For most general-purpose corner clamping jobs this one will be the first go to in our shop!

As an additional bonus these corner clamps have a convenient hole for hanging storage and organization.  Their lightweight durability design makes them perfect portability if your woodworking requires travel.
Housolution corner clamp for woodworking

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Can be adjusted for different thickness of wood
  • Screwdriver like rubber grip is quick and efficient
  • Aluminum alloy that is light yet boasts strength
  • Not Good for welding or metal work
  • Not recommended for brazing or heat


Wetols WE705 Angle Corner Clamp for woodworking

This Wetols Corner Clamp was designed with the woodworking in mind.  Wetols carefully considered the art of framing when they designed this clamp.  To be honest this clamp was hard to place in second in this line up.  With jaws that open close to 3 inches you may find that it is your first pick if you are doing wide picture frames. With the Wetols WE705 you will find a comfortable ergonomic rubber handle that easily maintains a firm grip.

By all appearances you may think that this Wetols angle clamp is just like others on the market.  However, after the first use you will agree with us that this clamp is agile yet strong and makes framing a breeze.Wetols WE705 corner clamp for woodworking

  • Top- quality construction and durability
  • Easy to use ergonomic rubber handle
  • Light weight balanced design
  • Clamps up to 2 ¾ inches
  • Not recommended for metal work or welding

Sedy 97390 Band Corner Clamp for Woodworking

This corner clamp for woodworking is a slightly different type clamp.  It uses a band that encompasses the entire perimeter in order to hold the four corner tightly together.  Again this little guy is a “must have” for the woodworking shop.  Where this thing shines is when assembling or cluing irregular shaped objects.  While it can be used to assemble picture frames, you will find that holding all four corners while clamping this down can be challenging.   We like to use this little belt type woodworking corner clamp in addition to the traditional vise type corner clamp, when we are assembling larger cabinets or boxes etc.Sedy 97390 corner clam for woodworking

  • Holds all four corner simultaneously
  • Once clamping is in place it is very secure
  • Anti Skid soft grip handle
  • Ideal for clamping odd non typical shapes
  • Can feal a little clumsy when working with large frames

Kreg KHCCC 90° Corner Clamp for Woodworking

Most corner clamps for woodworking follow the concept of a traditional vice.  However, Kreg pioneered this vise grip type design.  Some woodworkers actuely prefer this style of corner clamp simply because it is designed for one-handed clamping.

When it comes to storage space consumption the Greg KHCCC clamp has most other woodworking corner clamps beat!  The are built out of high-grade aluminum alloy and are capable of claming both 90 degree corners as well as T joints.  Kreg even has carved out clearance allowing you to nail or screw without the clamp jaws having to be removed!

On top of all the great features of these clamps we must note that Kreg always produces quality in their every tool!  You can never go wrong when buying a name such as Kreg.Kreg KHCCC Corner Clamp for Woodworking

  • Single hand operation
  • Pocket hole allows nailing or screwing
  • Works for 90 deg. Or T rail joints
  • Jaws only open to approximately 1 inch
  • They are not strong enough for metalworking


Yanzi Spring Loaded Corner Clamps for Woodworking

These Yanzi Spring loaded corner clamps are perfect for the woodworker who is only working with small very light frames.  These little clamps may not be strong enough for your larger projects.  However if you are working with small and light you will love these little girls.  Padded with rubber you will have confidence that you will not scare your wood or leave any clamping tracks!  Additionally the outside corner of your work piece is left exposed allowing you to easily nail the corners.Yanzi Corner Clamps for Woodworking

  • One handed operation
  • Outside corners open for nailing
  • Rubber padded to protect wood
  • Simple to use
  • Not strong enough for larger projects
  • Spring tension may not hold if the project
    is moved before the glue is set

Royars Aluminum ‎N3-90DPS Corner Clamps for Woodworking Positioning Squares

If your woodworking project calls for corner clamps with maximum versatility, then these clamps are for you!  Sometimes you are working on a project that has obstacles or unique nuances that prohibit the use of traditional vise type corner clamps.  These Royars corner clamps offer a wide latitude of diversity that we woodworkers sometimes must have.  With 6-7 positioning options along the approximately 5 1/2-inch rail you are sure to find the optimal location for your clamp.

These inexpensive clamps will serve you will.Royars Corner Clamps for Woodworking

  • Versatility, Versatility, Versatility
  • Allows clearance for nailing
  • Wide usage application
  • Royars 24 hour customer service hotline.
  • Can be a little clumsy or cumbersome to use
  • May not be as strong as vise type clamps

Tips for Using Corner Clamps for Woodworking

There are a few things to keep in mind when using corner clamps:

  1. Make sure the clamping surfaces are flat and level. This will ensure that the clamp is applying pressure evenly across the joint, preventing distortion or warping.
  2. Choose the right size clamp for the job. Too small a clamp will not be strong enough, and too large a clamp may cause damage to the wood or object being clamped.
  3. Use caution when moving an object that’s being held by a corner clamp; use a solid surface with enough mass or another sturdy support if necessary. A careless move could result in damage to the clamp or object being held

Corner Clamp Quality

If you have ever had a tool fail, during the process of completing a project you will sympathize with the necessity of quality.  Of course, most tools fail because they are being used slightly beyond the scope of there intended application.  But we woodworkers would never do that, right?

The reality of woodworking is that there is no one-size-fits all application for any process.  This is especially true of the clamping and gluing process.  Therefore,  it is advised that you keep a range of clamp styles available for your project array.

A corner clamp for woodworking is a versatile tool that can be used for a variety of tasks. With a little bit of patience, practice, and a quality corner clamp you can become an expert at using corner clamps for woodworking.

Coffee Table Woodworking Plans DIY Coffee Table Plans

FREE Coffee Table Woodworking Plans Build Your DIY Coffee Table 

Free Coffee Table 

Woodworking Plans

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A coffee table is a piece of furniture that is used for displaying coffee and other drinks. It is also used as a side table for dining. And if you are like most Americans your favorite place to relax is on the couch in front of your big-screen TV!  In that typical picture, we almost always find a piece of furniture that we call a coffee table. We use coffee tables to display pictures or crafts and hold our favorite beverage or snack, some even use it as a footrest!  If you are looking to build a simple, DIY coffee table, then you can use these coffee table woodworking plans that we offer to our readers totally free of charge.Coffee Table Woodworking Plans Here

How to Build a Coffee Table?

Building a coffee table is not difficult, but it does require a few basic woodworking skills that are easy to acquire. If you are not familiar with these techniques, or if you have never built a table before, we recommend that you consult a trusted source or tutorial before beginning.  We provide just such a resource here.

The most important part of building a coffee table is to select the right species of wood. You will need a sturdy and heavy piece of wood for the base, as well as something that is relatively thin and lightweight for the top. The dimensions of your coffee table will also affect the type of wood you should use. For example, if your coffee table is small, then you can probably use a more lightweight wood for the top. If your coffee table is larger, then you may want to use heavier wood for the top so that it will not move around as much.  All in all, if you follow the free coffee table woodworking plans that we offer you will find all the information needed to determine your product dimensions.

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Once you have selected the right species of wood for your desired appearance.  You must then determine its dimensions and begin cutting out your pieces. First, cut out the base using your heavy-duty saw blade. Make sure to cut deep enough into the board so that it forms a stable foundation for your tabletop later on.

As your chosen coffee table woodworking plans lead you through the process of the build. Your DIY satisfaction will begin to well up inside you as you build something of the beauty of which you can be proud.

Free Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Many people would like to be able to build something beautiful for their home but do not know where to start. This can be especially true for people who are new to woodworking. One of the best ways to get started is by finding free coffee table woodworking plans. Some sights that offer free plans try to rope you into a paid subscription by offering a free trial to download their plans.  Here at Woodworking Plans ABC, we offer you truly free coffee table woodworking plans. We offer a huge library of plans that can help you learn how to make a variety of simple projects that can add value and beauty to your home.

If you choose to download our free coffee table woodworking plans, make sure that you read the instructions and follow all recommended safety procedures carefully. These plans include specific measurements that you need to follow for the project to come out correctly. Any safety precautions that are listed in the instructions and by the manufacturer of the equipment used please observe all precautions.  We love our reader’s eyes and fingers! If you carefully follow our guidelines, you will be able to create beautiful projects that will add value and functionality to your home.

A Sneak Peek at our free Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Lift Top Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

lift coffee table woodworking plansA lift-top coffee table is perfect for the typical American lifestyle.  You can eat your meals and catch the news at the same time.  If you have a few finishing touches to put on that presentation for work tomorrow the lift-top coffee table gives you the ability to finish your work while in the company of the rest of your family.  The split top design of this unit makes it possible for two different work surfaces.  This feature allows for individual adjustment and personalized comfort.  It is also more pleasant if only one person is eating or working and the others simply wish to watch tv.

One of the features of this set of coffee table woodworking plans is that our detailed instructions walk you step by set through the delicate process of creating the hidden storage.  Everyone has things that they need to keep accessible.  However, the problem becomes keeping the room aesthetically pleasing.  The hidden storage on this coffee table is a game-changer game-changer.  You are going to love building this project.  The bonus is you get to enjoy its beauty and functionality for many years to come!

Round Top Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

round coffee table woodworking plansThis coffee table woodworking plan set has got to be the simplest table to build of all of our plans.  However, don’t let its simplicity deserve you into thinking that it is not elegant!  You could literally build this out in an evening and have your friends admiring your handiwork by tomorrow afternoon!

The addition of the brass accents on this piece makes it a showpiece!  Don’t forget to download your copy now!

Retro Style Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

retro coffee table woodworking plansThis set of coffee table woodworking plans will take you back in time.  This style was extremely popular in the 1950s.  Now that we have made it to the postmodern age it seems that those retro styles are coming back in vogue!

This coffee table boasts features of a semi-hidden shelf and two concealment compartments as well as admirable durability.  One of the features that I love in any coffee table is the hid-a-way compartments.  If you are like me there is always “stuff” that you want to keep readily accessible but you also want to hide the clutter.  This unit will pay its dues to you for many years if you invest a couple of days of spare build time

Live Edge Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Live Edge Coffee Table woodworking plansThey say a picture is worth a thousand words.  When it comes to living edge furniture a thousand words could never describe the beauty that only the eye can see.  This intermediate-level intermediate-level set of coffee table woodworking plans will reward you handsomely!

If your décor is more down-to-earth and rustic or if you just want something true to mother earth.  Then you need to take a look at this live edge rustic design.

Mahogany Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Mohogany coffee table woodworking plansThis coffee table boasts a style that originated from New York City’s Lower East Side.  The look of this piece speaks to the post-World War II era.  The elegant thin mahogany top appears to hover above two curved muscular looking legs.  The legs of this table display a unique and eye-catching feature.  What starts as a perfect radius at the top gradually morphs into a crease at the bottom. This feature adds a fair amount of time to the build on this one.  However, once you invest the time you will be rewarded over and over by the eye-popping flair it adds to this centerpiece!

If you are looking for coffee table plans that are high on the elegance scale this is the project of your dreams!

Bourbon Moth Woodworking and How To Get Free Plans

Bourbon Moth Woodworking and How To Get Woodworking Plans


Bourbon Moth Woodworking


When you first hear the name Bourbon Moth Woodworking images of some drunken woodworm come to mind.  However, Bourbon Moth Woodworking started in 2014 as a high-end manufacturer of custom furniture.

The Owner and founder of Bourbon Moth Woodworking, Jason Hibbs, is a self-taught craftsman and woodworker.  Alongside his custom one-of-a-kind furniture business, Jason began making how-to-videos while he was building his custom furniture.  In July of 2018, Jason launched a YouTube channel with a vision to reach a broader sphere. This vision has enabled him to share his vast knowledge with the masses.   Since starting his channel Jason has shared his valuable insights and experience with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.  He stands above the crowd as an “out of the box” thinker.  His unique perspective makes his approach and insight invaluable. Jason’s wit and unique sense of humor cement him as a favorite among DIY woodworkers.

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Since taking Bourbon Moth Woodworking to YouTube, Jason’s skills as an instructor have so filled his time that he no longer takes client work. He now has focused on education via his YouTube reach.  In His YouTube channel, you will find an extensive airy of instructional videos.  His teaching will likely take you on your journey from an aspiring woodworker to a skilled craftsman.  Jason does offer many of his plans to those who become a supporter on his Patron page.




Rockler Woodworking And Hardware: The Ultimate Woodworkers Resource Guide

Rockler Woodworking And Hardware: The Ultimate Woodworkers Resource Guide


Since opening its doors in 1954 Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has grown into an industry-leading source for woodworking tools, equipment, and hardware. They have a large online store and a few stores in different cities. They are a go-to resource for the beginning or experienced woodworker.  Rockler’s founder Norton Rockler proudly touts the slogan “Our commitment to you doesn’t end when the package arrives.”  Believe it or not, in all our experiences they live up to their slogan!

rockler woodworking and hardware plansUnlike some of the competition, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware offers far more than the great selection, price, and service you would expect from a first-class retailer.  Through the Rockler website, you can take educational courses get expert advice, and find a treasure trove of community support for your woodworking journey.  On top of their live customer support, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.  If you are dissatisfied with your purchase it may be returned up to 90 from purchase (see Rockler for details).


What is Rockler Woodworking And Hardware?

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a retailer of woodworking tools and hardware, with locations across the United States. Rockler’s main focus is on selling high-quality tools and hardware at an affordable price while providing helpful tips and advice to its customers.

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware is the ultimate resource for woodworkers. They have an extensive library of helpful information covering topics such as woodworking tips, Free project ideas and plans, classes and events, product and tool innovations, and more! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced woodworker, Rockler has something for you. Their customer service is top-notch, so if you ever have any questions or problems while using their resources, they are always happy to help.


How to Choose The Right Woodworking Tools and Hardware

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for woodworking tools and hardware.  After all anytime you plan on throwing down your hard-earned money you want to make sure you have considered all possible concerns.

First, consider the type of project you are planning to undertake. This will help you determine the appropriate tool and hardware options.  Once again Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has expert advice to help you as you plan your first project.

Second, consider your budget. While not all woodworking tools and hardware are cheap, many brands offer quality products at a reasonable price.  You defiantly do not want to have to purchase a tool twice because the quality was poor.  Our recommendation is to do what is necessary to put a priority on quality.  Again Rockler Woodworking and Hardware is a great choice to help you manage your budget.

Third, be sure to read the product reviews before making a purchase. This will help you find the best woodworking tools and hardware for your needs.  Most of the product pages on the Rockler Woodworking and Hardware website have customer reviews posted.  Take your time to read through those reviews so you can get a good understanding before the purchase

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Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Projects You Can Start Today

Rockler Woodworking and Hardware includes beginner-friendly woodworking projects that can be started with just a few simple tools and supplies!  Unlike many retailers that cater mainly to the experienced woodworker, Rockler understands that the “new to woodworking” craftsman needs straightforward information.  You will find their library of beginner-friendly projects including shockingly attractive projects such as Lawn Furniture, Tools, Home décor, Fine Furniture, and more.

For the more experienced woodworker, Rockler Woodworking and Hardware has a variety of challenging projects that will push your skills to the limit.  Projects include a Wine Rack, a Custom Kitchen Table, a Custom Bench, and more. Projects in this category require some basic carpentry and construction knowledge as well as some hand tooling expertise.


Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Tools and Brands

Some of the most popular woodworking hand and power tool brands carried by Rockler Woodworking & Hardware, include Crown, Delta, Freud, and more. Of course, they carry an extensive variety of hardware and equipment beyond the Power tools category.  If you are looking for workbenches, clamps, finishing products, safety equipment, dust collection, or consumables like sandpaper they can all be found in their extensive online catalog.  However, for this review, we will focus on a few top brands in the hand and power tools category.

Crown Tool

Crown Tools is a family-owned company and leading manufacturer of hand tools for the home workshop. Crown’s carving knives, chisels, cutting gauges and lathe knives are known for their high-quality construction and durability. They have been producing professional quality tools designed for the meticulous craftsman for over five decades.  If you have ever been around woodturning or intricate carving workmanship you have no doubt seen some of Crown’s tools.

All Crowns tools are forged and tempered by a highly trained and experienced craftsman out of the finest quality raw materials in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility.  Their state-of-the-art manufacturing processes result in what has been termed the finest quality hand tools money can buy.

Delta Tool

Delta tools has been a leading manufacturer of power tools for the home and lite industrial workshop for nearly 100 years. Woodworking experts trust their products and equipment because of their reputation for precision and durability.   Millions of enthusiasts and professional woodworkers have learned to trust Delta Power Equipment.

Delta designs and manufactures a wide range of equipment for the woodworking industry.  If you are looking for band saws, scroll saws, jointers, planers, lathes, dust collectors, or a litany of other products Delta is worth your time to research.

Whether you need technical or warranty support or just have a product question you can reach the responsive staff at delta vial a live phone number 8 AM – 5 PM, M-F EST.  I know it’s hard to believe in this day of offshore support and Robo chat support systems but in fact, Delta provides live knowledgeable support.  In our opinion, you can’t go wrong with Delta!


Freud Tool

Freud tool is an industry-leading manufacturer of woodworking cutting tools. Freud’s saw blades, router bits, shaper cutter, and other cutting products are known throughout the woodworking community for their high-quality construction and durability.

Freud has been producing industry-leading quality for over 50 years.  Freud boasts that they are the only woodworking tool manufacturer in the world that produces their own MicroGrain Carbide with Titanium.  They have trademarked the process calling it TiCo™.  With in-house quality control over their carbide cutting service, they can customize each tool for its unique application.  This ingenious approach maximizes the performance and cutting life of their tools.

With locations both in the USA and Canada Freud maintains some of the most advanced product research and development centers in the cutting tool sector.  Having a physical presence in both Canada and the USA gives you peace of mind knowing that support is just a phone call away.

Rockler Woodworking & Hardware is a great resource for the beginning or experienced woodworker. They sell a wide variety of supplies and have a variety of projects you can get started with today.  So we recommend you join the Rockler family and become a customer today.


Editors Note:  Because Rockler has discontented some of the programs that made then great we are no longer directing our readers to their web site.  Instead we are recommend using either Amazon or eBay were your purchase is fully protected and satisfaction is assured.

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