Bourbon Moth Woodworking and How To Get Woodworking Plans


Bourbon Moth Woodworking


When you first hear the name Bourbon Moth Woodworking images of some drunken woodworm come to mind.  However, Bourbon Moth Woodworking started in 2014 as a high-end manufacturer of custom furniture.

The Owner and founder of Bourbon Moth Woodworking, Jason Hibbs, is a self-taught craftsman and woodworker.  Alongside his custom one-of-a-kind furniture business, Jason began making how-to-videos while he was building his custom furniture.  In July of 2018, Jason launched a YouTube channel with a vision to reach a broader sphere. This vision has enabled him to share his vast knowledge with the masses.   Since starting his channel Jason has shared his valuable insights and experience with hundreds of thousands of subscribers.  He stands above the crowd as an “out of the box” thinker.  His unique perspective makes his approach and insight invaluable. Jason’s wit and unique sense of humor cement him as a favorite among DIY woodworkers.

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Since taking Bourbon Moth Woodworking to YouTube, Jason’s skills as an instructor have so filled his time that he no longer takes client work. He now has focused on education via his YouTube reach.  In His YouTube channel, you will find an extensive airy of instructional videos.  His teaching will likely take you on your journey from an aspiring woodworker to a skilled craftsman.  Jason does offer many of his plans to those who become a supporter on his Patron page.