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A coffee table is a piece of furniture that is used for displaying coffee and other drinks. It is also used as a side table for dining. And if you are like most Americans your favorite place to relax is on the couch in front of your big-screen TV!  In that typical picture, we almost always find a piece of furniture that we call a coffee table. We use coffee tables to display pictures or crafts and hold our favorite beverage or snack, some even use it as a footrest!  If you are looking to build a simple, DIY coffee table, then you can use these coffee table woodworking plans that we offer to our readers totally free of charge.Coffee Table Woodworking Plans Here

How to Build a Coffee Table?

Building a coffee table is not difficult, but it does require a few basic woodworking skills that are easy to acquire. If you are not familiar with these techniques, or if you have never built a table before, we recommend that you consult a trusted source or tutorial before beginning.  We provide just such a resource here.

The most important part of building a coffee table is to select the right species of wood. You will need a sturdy and heavy piece of wood for the base, as well as something that is relatively thin and lightweight for the top. The dimensions of your coffee table will also affect the type of wood you should use. For example, if your coffee table is small, then you can probably use a more lightweight wood for the top. If your coffee table is larger, then you may want to use heavier wood for the top so that it will not move around as much.  All in all, if you follow the free coffee table woodworking plans that we offer you will find all the information needed to determine your product dimensions.

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Once you have selected the right species of wood for your desired appearance.  You must then determine its dimensions and begin cutting out your pieces. First, cut out the base using your heavy-duty saw blade. Make sure to cut deep enough into the board so that it forms a stable foundation for your tabletop later on.

As your chosen coffee table woodworking plans lead you through the process of the build. Your DIY satisfaction will begin to well up inside you as you build something of the beauty of which you can be proud.

Free Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Many people would like to be able to build something beautiful for their home but do not know where to start. This can be especially true for people who are new to woodworking. One of the best ways to get started is by finding free coffee table woodworking plans. Some sights that offer free plans try to rope you into a paid subscription by offering a free trial to download their plans.  Here at Woodworking Plans ABC, we offer you truly free coffee table woodworking plans. We offer a huge library of plans that can help you learn how to make a variety of simple projects that can add value and beauty to your home.

If you choose to download our free coffee table woodworking plans, make sure that you read the instructions and follow all recommended safety procedures carefully. These plans include specific measurements that you need to follow for the project to come out correctly. Any safety precautions that are listed in the instructions and by the manufacturer of the equipment used please observe all precautions.  We love our reader’s eyes and fingers! If you carefully follow our guidelines, you will be able to create beautiful projects that will add value and functionality to your home.

A Sneak Peek at our free Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Lift Top Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

lift coffee table woodworking plansA lift-top coffee table is perfect for the typical American lifestyle.  You can eat your meals and catch the news at the same time.  If you have a few finishing touches to put on that presentation for work tomorrow the lift-top coffee table gives you the ability to finish your work while in the company of the rest of your family.  The split top design of this unit makes it possible for two different work surfaces.  This feature allows for individual adjustment and personalized comfort.  It is also more pleasant if only one person is eating or working and the others simply wish to watch tv.

One of the features of this set of coffee table woodworking plans is that our detailed instructions walk you step by set through the delicate process of creating the hidden storage.  Everyone has things that they need to keep accessible.  However, the problem becomes keeping the room aesthetically pleasing.  The hidden storage on this coffee table is a game-changer game-changer.  You are going to love building this project.  The bonus is you get to enjoy its beauty and functionality for many years to come!

Round Top Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

round coffee table woodworking plansThis coffee table woodworking plan set has got to be the simplest table to build of all of our plans.  However, don’t let its simplicity deserve you into thinking that it is not elegant!  You could literally build this out in an evening and have your friends admiring your handiwork by tomorrow afternoon!

The addition of the brass accents on this piece makes it a showpiece!  Don’t forget to download your copy now!

Retro Style Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

retro coffee table woodworking plansThis set of coffee table woodworking plans will take you back in time.  This style was extremely popular in the 1950s.  Now that we have made it to the postmodern age it seems that those retro styles are coming back in vogue!

This coffee table boasts features of a semi-hidden shelf and two concealment compartments as well as admirable durability.  One of the features that I love in any coffee table is the hid-a-way compartments.  If you are like me there is always “stuff” that you want to keep readily accessible but you also want to hide the clutter.  This unit will pay its dues to you for many years if you invest a couple of days of spare build time

Live Edge Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Live Edge Coffee Table woodworking plansThey say a picture is worth a thousand words.  When it comes to living edge furniture a thousand words could never describe the beauty that only the eye can see.  This intermediate-level intermediate-level set of coffee table woodworking plans will reward you handsomely!

If your décor is more down-to-earth and rustic or if you just want something true to mother earth.  Then you need to take a look at this live edge rustic design.

Mahogany Coffee Table Woodworking Plans

Mohogany coffee table woodworking plansThis coffee table boasts a style that originated from New York City’s Lower East Side.  The look of this piece speaks to the post-World War II era.  The elegant thin mahogany top appears to hover above two curved muscular looking legs.  The legs of this table display a unique and eye-catching feature.  What starts as a perfect radius at the top gradually morphs into a crease at the bottom. This feature adds a fair amount of time to the build on this one.  However, once you invest the time you will be rewarded over and over by the eye-popping flair it adds to this centerpiece!

If you are looking for coffee table plans that are high on the elegance scale this is the project of your dreams!